A Chorus Line 

A Chorus Line is a celebration of those unsung heroes of the American Musical Theatre: the chorus dancers-- those valiant, over dedicated, underpaid, highly trained performers who back up the star or stars and often make them look even more talented than they are. It is also a celebration of the American Musical itself. A Chorus Line is also about competition, and competition might easily be the common denominator that grabs the audience and holds it by the collective heartstring until the final, ultimate choices are made. For everyone, at one time or another, puts his life on the line. We all compete, no matter what business we're in, for promotion, for attention, for approval and for love. Specifically, A Chorus Line takes the audience through the final grueling audition run by the director, Zach, for a new Broadway musical.

Their individual stories pour out in song and in spoken words interspersed by learning dance routines that reveal their ability to perform. The audience gets to know each one of these ambitious entertainers individually, so that by the show's end, they can identify and root for their favorites as well as empathize with all of them because they all need the job-- they all want to work at their craft.

Join Patty Corella and the staff of Corella Productions for two weeks of fun! During this camp your actor will learn the entire musical A Chorus Line.

This camp is tailored to ages 9-18.

July 11-15, 18-22

9am - 3pm

Sovereign Ballet

2539 West 12th Street, Erie, PA

Actor should pack a lunch each day.