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Our Staff

Corella Productions



Artistic Director/Choreographer

Anna was born and raised in Chicago, and began a career in the arts at an early age. As a young performer she began to master all facets of her craft and cultivate connections that she still cherishes to this day. Education has always been at the forefront of everything she does. Anna innately recognized that in order to be the best student, performer, and educator possible, she had to understand the inner workings of each of her fields of interest. She then began an exploration that led her to the position she holds today. Anna has studied with The Ruth Page Center for the Arts, was an original company member of the All About Dance Company, and studied at the Second City Training Center. She also studied under Broadway actor and business owner

Julian Decker, whom she has known for two decades. As a choreographer she created the original movement for the world premiere of Night of the Living Dead, which has found a home in New York City. Under the mentorship of renowned Set/Lighting Designer Joseph Hassler, she was able to grow her portfolio of design skills/techniques, and has used this knowledge to create lighting and set designs for numerous productions in Chicago and Pennsylvania. She credits Joe’s generation for her work ethic, love, and “give it back” mentality. 


Anna currently serves as Artistic Director of Corella Productions, where she oversees hundreds of students regularly. As an original company member of Corella Productions, her commitment to the organization spans almost a decade. Her mission is to empower like-minded women to “step up and out” so they can be an advocate for change in the performing arts industry.

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Executive Director/Producer

With an extensive background in musical theatre and musical theatre dance, Patty Corella was compelled to pass down the teachings of all who inspired her over the years. Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Patty found her community through the Erie Playhouse, one of the most decorated community theatre's in the country, offering its patrons, performers, and employees direct connection to industry professionals nationwide. This business mentality and offering did not go unnoticed by Patty and fueled her hunger for more education beyond her community theatre. She enrolled with The Dance Theatre of Erie, the Performing Arts Center of Erie, and after high school was accepted into the prestigious dance program at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.


After leaving PA, Patty studied in Chicago working with River North Dance Company, Hubbard Street Dance Company, The Ruth Page Center for the Performing Arts, and The Joel Hall Dance Company. She also performed at Steppenwolf Theater, Lookingglass Theatre Company, Circle Theatre and Mercury Theatre, where she was nominated for a Jeff Award (one of the highest award honors in the country). After the birth of her daughters, Anna, Stella, and Charlotte, her passion for Children’s Theatre was ignited, leading to the creation of Corella Productions (in 2002). 


As Owner and Executive Director of Corella Productions, Patty has created a home for performers of all backgrounds. She has instilled a work ethic in young hopefuls that not only makes them better performers, but human beings as well. Her love and care for her family, students, employees, and community has propelled her company to extreme heights; notably being the longest-running Children’s Theatre Company within the Chicago Public School System, and was recently awarded/recognized as the “Nation’s Best After-School Program” of 2023, by the Right At School Foundation. Corella Productions is an authentic representation that female entrepreneurs have truly earned their place in the Performing Arts industry.

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Vocal Director

Lindsay Vendetti is a singer-songwriter currently living in Erie, Pennsylvania. Lindsay has been singing since she was a child resulting in her winning the RockErie Music Award for Best Female Vocalist consecutively for 3 Years. Those wins secured her place as the First Singer to be inducted into the RockErie Hall of Fame, and also even hosting the Awards years later.

Lindsay loves working with children and giving the next generation of singers and performers confidence for their musical careers.



Social Media Manager

Embark on a journey through the dazzling career of Je'Shaun Jackson, a master of the thespian arts and an alchemist of content creation, now gracing the glittering streets of New York City. Since his very first performance with his mother at the tender age of five, Je'Shaun has been weaving magic with his craft, enchanting audiences with every turn of phrase and every step he takes. His dedication and talent led him to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Kentucky University, and even landed him a coveted spot on season 20 of ABC's American Idol.


Je'Shaun's repertoire is as versatile as it is impressive, boasting a diverse array of roles that have showcased his remarkable range. From his portrayal of Chantal Marveaux in the new work penned by Broadway's Richard Oberacker and Robert Taylor, entitled Angel of Arkansas, to his electrifying turn as Grover Underwood in the regional premier of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, to his unforgettable performance as Audrey II in the Paramount Theater's production of Little Shop of Horrors, Je'Shaun has left indelible marks on every stage he has graced. In addition, he also premiered as Jagwire in the Las Vegas production of Bat Out of Hell The Residency.


But Je'Shaun's artistry does not end with the stage. Since 2019, he has been crafting captivating content across various platforms, amassing a community of followers and forging meaningful connections along the way. He believes that social media holds the power to shape narratives and build a more compassionate and inclusive world. Driven by this passion, he seeks to be a catalyst for change, celebrating diversity and amplifying voices that have long been silenced. By joining forces with a team of like-minded visionaries, Je'Shaun hopes to contribute to a world where every story is heard, valued, and respected.

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